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Open Newsletter To All of Our Agents:



Our Listing Pages have been showing very well in the Search Results lately.

Our sister site: has started displaying their Vendors within our pages so any listings you add now will get that much more exposure.

Fill your site with all your properties to get the most you can out of it.



The Mobile Home pages have been showing well in the search results, add your listings today to generate more traffic for the rest of your listings.



We have started advertising on Google Adwords and many new listings are being added to our site each week, if you offer Partial Real Estate Services to For Sale By Owners you may want to mention it in your web site content so they know who to contact. THEY HAVE BEEN ASKING !!!

We continually strive to improve our service so if you have something you would like us to add to the site just drop us an email and let us know.



By now you would have noticed that many of our Listing Index Pages and our actual Listing Pages are showing very high in the Search Results.

Adding your Listings to our site will take you directly into the top end of the Search Results for Properties in your area, there is no time like the present.

If you need assistance with anything in our site just send us an email, we will be glad to help.



Summer is coming to a close and it is time to get serious about your advertising.

Have you seen how high your pages with us are showing in the search results?

The Real Estate Market has been down for a while now and the only Agents still having good sales are the ones who have properly utilized their advertising, if you have not updated your listings lately now would be a good time.

We are still offering FREE Individual Listings so if any of your colleagues or your Company would like to try our Advertising Service let us know.

Need help with our site?, drop us an email anytime.



We have just opened our site to FREE Individual Listings, if some of your colleagues would like to try our Advertising Service now would be a good time.



Our Listing pages and Indexes have continued to climb higher in the Search Results, to take full advantage we encourage all of our Agents to put more Listings into their site, the more Listings we have for you the better we can promote you.

Through all the predictions we are seeing so many different scenarios that we are starting to think no one really knows, the only thing we do know is that you cannot go wrong by having your Listings and your Name at the front of the Searches.



The projections we have been reading for 2010 Real Estate Sales all have a negative result for the Number of Sales because of the expected increase in Lending Rates and general lack of performance of the Economy.

Good news or bad news?

Our take on this is that your income can remain steady or increase if you do the right things according to what is going on in the Market.

If the Market is down then Advertise, Advertise, Advertise and Advertise some more.

Even with the reduced Market, the one who Advertises most effectively will make the most Sales and thereby be a survivor.

Our Site is a very cost effective way to Advertise, where else can you have exposure for each of your Listings in all three Major Search Engines for the prices we charge.

Tough sales good news or bad?

The answer is up to you.



You may have noticed we have been working on our sister site and it is beginning to grow and to be indexed in the Searches.

Your Advertising from this site is displayed over there so this will mean more exposure for you.

The Classifieds Site is unique in that it can display Localized Classifieds for any Town or City in North America and it will display just about anything For Sale, For Rent or Wanted, it also has provisions for Free Charity Advertising so if you know of any Events or Charities that could use some free publicity they are more than welcome to place a few ads as are you or any of your friends , this will also help your Advertising which is displayed with the Ads.

CLASSIFIED ADS CAN BE ENTERED 10 AT A TIME AND DO NOT EXPIRE !!! and work together and in some instances your Listings are occupying 4 out of the Top Ten Search Results, it does not matter what site they find you in as long as they find you !!!

Listings entered into Property-List are automatically displayed in the Classifieds Site.


We always appreciate feedback on how to make our Sites work better for you so feel free to let us know how we are doing.

Good Luck with your sales,

The Property List Team




We have added Bookmark and Share Links to many pages to allow for easier referrals from our site.

New Home Builders, Rentals and Resorts have also been added to broaden the scope of visitors.

Our sister site is being updated to allow easier Ad Placement which we hope will generate more traffic give more exposure for your Links and Listings over there and here on this site.

If you have time you should ad your Listings to your site, they are automatically shared with the Classifieds Site.

Keep pushing, change is around the corner,

The Property List Team


Have you noticed???

Our Site has just went to the beauty parlor and had a complete makeover, thought it was time to brighten things up a little, we hope you like the new look.

We always welcome input for ways to better display your advertising, if you have any comments about the Site or suggestions on how it can be improved send us an email.

Your Listings in our Site and your Landing Pages as well as our Index Pages have began showing much better in Google over the past couple months, Bing Search is also showing our pages much more prominently lately.

The Classifieds Site ( ), which we operate and repost your Listings to, is also doing quite well in the Search Results, in some cases your Listings are showing in 2-4 places within the Top Ten results.

( Listings entered into Your Property List Site are automatically uploaded and updated in the Classifieds Site. )

The RSS Feeds have recently been getting more attention from people looking for easy access to Real Estate Information.  Our Site provides your information in Multiple Feeds to which users can subscribe to and watch for your New Listings.

Inspect your Site and ours, you will find a Personalized Feed which contains all of the Listings that that you have entered into our Site and you will also find your Listings included with the Feed/Feeds that display Listings by Location.

We have noticed that a lot of you are checking to see how you are doing in the Search Results by your Name, you most certainly appear in the First Five for your Name but, this is not nearly as important as the results you can obtain by adding your Listings to your Site.

Each Listing you add to your Site will create Property Type, Ad Type and Location Index Pages which are all being indexed in the Search Engines.

This is Important to Your Sales because anyone searching for Properties in your area will perform their Searches based on this information.


Let us make you the MOST FOUND AGENT in your area.

Usually contact is made through your email, to assure you are not missing leads you should regularly send yourself a test email from one of your Listings to confirm everything is working properly.

If you require any information or help with your Site, we are just an email away.

Thanks for your patronage and good luck with your sales,

The Property List Team