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Canadian Online "For Sale By Owner" FSBO Advertising.   "For Sale By Owner" FSBO Online Real Estate Advertising - Property Listings on the Net.American Online "For Sale By Owner" FSBO Advertising.

"For Sale By Owner" - USA and Canada Online Real Estate Advertising.


List Until Sold or Rented for $49.95 CDN - Taxes Extra

At these prices you can afford to Advertise with multiple Online Sites
and still have money left over for a few of your Local News Papers.


There are Millions of people Searching
for Real Estate Online each day.

How easily can they find your For Sale By Owner Listing?

Use of our Site will typically cause your Listing to be indexed
in the
Top Ten out of 5,000,000+ in the Search Results !!!

( In some Searches our Listings appear Top Ten out of 21,000,000+ )



For Sale By Owners can never Advertise too much, but
they can spend a lot of money Advertising ineffectively.

We specialize in cost effectively making you STAND OUT in the crowd.

This Site will extend your For Sale By Owner Listing Advertising
to those who do not see your Local Real Estate Magazine,
to those who don't have High-Speed Internet and
it will HIGHLIGHT you in the Real Estate Sea of Information.

We use the latest technology to separate you from the crowd
and firmly put you on the first page of the Searches in your area.

If we currently have no Listings in your area, we will produce Location and
Property Type Index Pages just to promote your For Sale By Owner Listing.


All of our Listings are submitted to the Major Search Engines by


Once Clients have found you, we hold their attention
with automated
Feeds and Feeds.


We are very user friendly !!!


Payments are in advance through PayPal.

At anytime you wish, you can

discontinue our services and owe us nothing !!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


We have been working diligently to make your Listings be FOUND !!!


On Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Searches we are showing more and more every day.

Most of our Listings show in the Top Ten  for Yahoo, Google and Bing Searches.

To see for yourself, try a Search for any Listing by Property Type, Listing Type and Location.

i.e. - if someone searches for "Farm for Sale in Guelph" or "House for Sale in Ottawa"
or "House for Sale in Brandon, MB and we have one, it will show up,
the same is true for a search of "Property for sale in (Name of any Town/City in our Site)",
the same is also true for a search of "Real Estate in (Name of any Town/City in our Site)".

(All Listings entered into our Site show up in the Search Engines within one week or less.)

Search Engine Methodology is dynamic and consequently our work in this area is non-stop,
results will vary on any given Search from week to week.



Included in this offer:


- Include up to 9 (nine) pictures with your Listing.

- Add a Virtual Tour Link to your Listing.

- Secure access to change and edit your Listing at will.

- Automatic Submission of your Listings to

- Automatic Listing Insertion into  www.classified-ads-4-free.net ,
  twice the exposure.

- Your Listing will be submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing on a 1 week cycle.

- Syndicated Feeds will keep our Visitors informed of your Listing changes
  and allow Potential Buyers to watch for your New Listings, our Feeds are submitted to
  over 80 Feed Search Engines.

- HTML Feeds are available for our Visitors who do not have RSS capabilities.

- Inclusion in our Property Search pages.


Our entire Site has been designed from a Buyer's perspective
any Listing with us in any Town/City can be found in seconds.


Your Listings are not stored on the Web Site and they are backed-up every day,
this provides the maximum security for the information you enter.


If you wish, Email inquiries can be routed through our Server
to keep your address confidential which reduces unwanted Email.

 We will never transmit any of your information to third parties.

Site Advertising will always be secondary to Listing Viewing.


To sign-up for this Service, click on the link below:


Your Sign-up request is for participation in this Site only,
you will not receive JUNK MAIL of any kind.


We reserve the right to discontinue this offer at any time.


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"For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) Real Estate Advertising - Online Real Estate Advertising