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Sponsored Ad Details & Costs.


A "Sponsored Ad" includes:


1. One STATIC BANNER ad, (maximum 8"(20cm) wide X 2"(5cm) high) or one ANIMATED BANNER ad, (size will vary depending on complexity, approx. 6"(15.3cm) wide X 1"(2.5cm) high).

2. You provide the artwork, (files should be .jpg or .gif format with good clarity), we will resize your artwork to fit our pages.

3. Your Ad will appear on a rotating cycle throughout our Site..

4. Your Ad will appear full time on our "Sponsored Ads" page.

5. A link to your Homepage will be displayed with your Ad on the "Sponsored Ads" page, clicking your Banner anywhere it appears will also activate your Link.

6. A link to your "Showcase Listing" on our site will be displayed with your Ad on the "Sponsored Ads" page.

(Banners for Realty Professionals appear where their Properties are displayed and are included in the rotation cycle.)


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We reserve the right to refuse any Advertisement.

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