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What is a Sponsored Ad?


A "Sponsored Ad" is one which has been paid for by one of our Advertisers and appears at the bottom of our Homepage and Listing View pages on a rotating cycle. It also appears on the "Sponsored Ads" page throughout the subscription. If links to the Sponsors website are submitted or if they have a Showcase Listing to view, the links will appear with the ad on the "Sponsored Ads" page.


Realty Professional Sponsors have rotating banners and a Profile/Website with personalized Property Search pages and Links to their Office Web Site.


Sponsored Ads revenues are responsible for this Sites' existence.


Sponsored Ad Details and Pricing.


These ads are screened to prevent controversial topics and keep your experience on our website clean and relevant.


If you find anything on our website offensive, we would appreciate hearing from you so we can correct the situation.


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