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How to cancel your Listing.


1.  Enter your user information in the edit pages to access your Listing.

2.  Once you are in the edit section, scroll down to the last selection, "Listing Successful" and change it to "Yes".

3.  Your Listing will now display as Sold, Rented/Leased or Found depending on the Listing Type, all E-mail inquiries will also be blocked.

4.  For further removal you can remove your Contact Information, this will stop unwanted phone calls.

5.  Please check your Listing to be sure the changes took place.


Note: We reserve the right to display your Listing as Sold, Rented/Leased or Found with the Contact Information removed.

Note: Sponsored Ads can be cancelled, however, no refunds will be issued.

If you wish to cancel a Sponsored Ad, email us @ Cancel Sponsored Ad with your particulars.


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