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Building Contractor Advertising Package


Upon Purchasing a Subscription we will build a Customized Builder Interface Site
for you, Email you when it is ready to receive your Listings and adjust the start
of your Subscription to the day your Site actually becomes available.


You will require a PayPal Account or a Valid Credit Card to complete payment.

( A PayPal Account is not mandatory to make your payment. )



Overpayments will be applied to the Term of your Subscription.

( Overpayments will be added to your Subscription at a rate that is determined by the duration
of your Subscription,   i.e. 6 months = $29.95/month + Taxes,  12 months + up = $26.95/month + Taxes. )


   All prices are in Canadian Funds 

( GST is the Canadian Goods and Services Tax - Currently 5%. )


6 Month Subscription - $29.95 / Month X 6 = $179.70 + $8.99 GST = $188.69

12 Month Subscription - $26.95 / Month X 12 = $323.40 + $16.17 GST = $339.57



Choose Your Set-Up Options


 6 Month Builder Subscription ( $188.69 )


  12 Month Builder Subscription ( $339.57 )


                   Company Name:

        Town/City of Business:

State/Province of Business:

   Country of Business:

                       Contact Name:

        Contact Email Address:

Can we use your information on the Net to build your profile?
( You will be able to edit your information after your Site is Set-Up. )




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